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完形 In our country we think being modest is a virtue and being proud is a ba...

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      In our country we think being modest(谦虚) is a virtue(美德) and being proud is a bad thing. One day, I heard an American boy say to a Chinese student,"You speak very good English." But the girl answered,"No, no. My English is very poor." The foreigner was quite __31__ at the answer. Thinking he had not made himself understood or the girl had not heard of him __32__. He said,"Yes, indeed, you speak very well." __33__ the girl still kept saying,"No." In the end the American boy could not understand and didn't know __34__ to say.
      What's wrong with the girl's answer? She didn't __35_ a compliment(恭维)in the same way as the American people do. She should answer "Thank you" instead of "No". She __36_ understood what the American boy had said, but she thought she should be modest. In the __37_ , people will feel __38_ and confident when they are praised. So if someone says the __39_ you have cooked are very delicious, you should say,"Thank you".
      If you are modest and say,"No, I'm __40 I can't do it well", while working in a western country, people may think you really can not do it. If you often say, "No", you'll certainly be looked down upon by __41_. When asking __42_ a job, if one says something like, "Yes, I can certainly do it" instead of "Let me have a try", he or she will __43__ get it. So in the west, you should be brave to show your self-confidence. In my opinion, being confident does not __44__ being proud, so sometimes you should be confident __45__ being modest.
31.A. excited      B. surprised       C. frightened
32.A. clear          B. clearly          C. not clearly
33.A. Though      B. And C. But
34.A. which        B. what C. how
35.A. accept       B. refuse          C. disagree
36.A. hardly        B. really C. badly
37.A. east B. south C. west
38.A. proudly       B. pride C. proud
39.A. dishes         B. cups C. glasses
40.A. afraid         B. active          C. angry
41.A. the other     B. other          C. others
42.A. for B. as C. to
43.A. fail to         B. expect to      C. succeed in
44.A. think B. say C. mean
45.A. as soon as   B. as well as     C. instead of

31-35 BBCBA
36-40 BCCAA
41-45 CABCC

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