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India, China try to reset ties ahead of Modi’s SCO trip


NEW DELHI: India and China are preparing for a series of high-level interactions leading up to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit for the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit in June and both sides are expected to tone down some of the hardline approaches that have characterised bilateral relations in the past few months.


Teams of Indian and Chinese experts on transborder rivers will meet in Hangzhou between March 26 and March 30 to discuss sharing of information. During the Doklam stand-off last year, China had refused to share hydrological data. India has been concerned at China’s dam-building exercise on the Brahmaputra.


From April 13-15, China’s National Development and Reform Commission will hold a strategic and economic dialogue with India’s Niti Aayog. The last such dialogue was held in 2016. This will be followed by a meeting of SCOforeign ministers in Beijing at the end of April.


The series of interactions will culminate with the PM’s visit to Qingdao for the SCO summit on June 9. Post-Doklam, India and China are trying to put the pieces together.




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Thampy J Samuel

 Thampy J Samuel-12 hours ago

India should build like the Chinese did in the last 20 years. They are really an achievement. We must be calm and stop being in international politics and work towards brighter future for India. Make in India, manufacture and buy Indian goods, don''t rely on important, of course agriculture is important. Look at ourselves, we are not there yet to be commended by others. but focus and be good. I am not a Mr. Nice. I see that is only future ahead. Stronger cooperation between Individuals.





 kumpran-9 hours ago

Indian media is owned by missionaries and CIA who have vested interests in keeping india china relations strained so that a nervous india looks up to west for help and doesn''t protest largescale conversions of hindus to christianity using billions of dollars of missionary funds.



Mahesh Vyas


 Mahesh Vyas-8 hours ago

We have no reason to fight with China. Maintaing good relations will serve our interests better.



Vijay Vasani


 Vijay-11 hours ago

Chinese drama begins again.. for once India shud boycott the meet to stop Chinese aggression and support for terrorist Pakistan



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