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《Goldilocks hurried out of the house》PPT课件

《Goldilocks hurried out of the house》PPT课件免费下载是由PPT宝藏(www.pptbz.com)会员weishenhe上传推荐的英语课件PPT, 更新时间为2019-04-26,素材编号190472。

这是一个关于《Goldilocks hurried out of the house》PPT课件,主要是maybe 副词,“或许,大概”may 情态动词,“可以,可能”,后加 动词原形。may be 可能是,Read the passage carefully and 欢迎点击下载《Goldilocks hurried out of the house》PPT课件哦。 Look at the pictures and try to get the main idea of this part .

Module 8 Story time Goldilocks hurried out of the house Guessing game : What happened next in Goldilocks and the Three Bears? Maybe vs. may be maybe 副词,“或许,大概” may 情态动词,“可以,可能”,后加 动词原形。 may be 可能是他可能是个老师。 What will next part be like ? While -reading Read quickly→only find out important sentences or words. Following the key sentences is very important to understand the passage. 2. Read the passage again and match the sentences with the pictures in Activity 2 .(2’) careful reading 细读 While you are reading , catching the key words(关键词) . Read the passage carefully and check the true sentences .(4’) 1. Goldilocks liked the big chair . 2. Goldilocks liked the small chair . 3. Baby bear looked in the bedroom . 4. The Three Bears were happy to see Goldilocks . 5. Goldilocks didn’t like the Three Bears . Post- reading Read the passage aloud following the tape . 2. Try to retell the story according to the pictures . 1. want to do sth. = would like to do sth. 想要做某事 Eg . I wanted to watch TV . I would like to watch TV . be tired 劳累,疲惫 Eg He was very tired . --ed vs -ing 某些形容词-ed 形式修饰人;-ing 形式修饰物. 如 excited(人兴奋的) , exciting (物或事激动人心的),interested(人感兴趣的) , interesting (物或事有趣的) Eg 这场足球比赛激动人心。 2. try 尝试, 尝 , 试 try the big chair 试坐大椅子 try the food 尝食物 try on 试穿 3. in pieces 破碎的 我的杯子碎了。 too vs. either too 表示“也”,用于肯定句句末。 either 表示“也不” , 用于否定句句末我是学生,她也是学生。 我不是学生,她也不是学生。 4. walk into … 走进。。。 walk into the bedroom 走进卧室 5. be asleep 睡着 Eg . The girl was asleep . 6. return 回去 return to + 地点 回到某地 我想回中国。 7. look at sth. 看… 8. happy 形容词,高兴的 unhappy形容词,不高兴的=not happy I was not happy . 9. at first 首先,最初 Eg 最初我并不认识他。 10 point at 用手指着= point to point at 指着(近处) point to指着(远处) 11 open one’s eyes 睁开眼睛 12 jump out of bed 从床上跳下来 jump up 跳起 13 hurry out of the house 匆忙冲出房子 14 out of 在…外,自…离开 in the house out of the house 15with 有 without 无,没有 16 go for a walk 去散步 in the forest 在森林里

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My mother's cleaning our house and sweeping away bad luckPPT教案:这是一个关于My mother's cleaning our house and sweeping away bad luckPPT教案,主要是现在进行时与一般现在时的用法区别一.基本用法不同1.一般现在时用来表示习惯性的动作或状态.2. 现在进行时用来表示现,欢迎点击下载My mother's cleaning our house and sweeping away bad luckPPT教案哦。Discuss: what do you do during Spring Festival?

My mother's cleaning our house and sweeping away bad luckPPT课件:这是一个关于My mother's cleaning our house and sweeping away bad luckPPT课件,主要是掌握句型表达“……是什么意思?”的三种句型:What does … mean?What do you mean by …?What’s the meaning of …?欢迎点击下载My mother's cleaning our house and sweeping away bad luckPPT课件哦。4. After dinner, we usually watch a special programme on TV.

《Goldilocks hurried out of the house》PPT课件


《Goldilocks hurried out of the house》PPT课件



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